4 fitness lessons from Sushmita Sen that will inspire you

Sushmita Sen never ceases to amaze with her workouts, which is why she is a girl in perfect shape. The former Miss Universe follows a holistic fitness regimen. On her social media profile, she often shares exciting videos of herself doing new things like aerial yoga and martial arts. Many people are inspired and motivated by her dedication to fitness. And she makes sure her two daughters accompany her on this trip.

Here we bring you 4 fitness lessons you can learn from Sushmita Sen to achieve an active and fit body.

1. Consider gymnastics

Gymnastics training focuses on building core strength, reflexes, full-body muscle movement and flexion, and balance. Sen likes to keep things light during his training by doing some hard-hitting gymnastics with the rings. Seeing Sushmita Sen using gymnastic rings for strength training on social media is very inspiring.

2. Diet to remember

Obviously, you can’t look as fit and gorgeous as Sushmita Sen without hard work! Sushmita also eats a well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients. She never skips a meal, and vegetables and grilled fish are the main ingredients in her diet. She also made sure she was always well hydrated.

3. No stopping

Sen is always in place, completing various exercises that facilitate the process of healing her mind and soul. Sushmita Sen works out with her trainer on a different regimen of aerobic and resistance training, stretching with yoga and finishing with push-ups. Her workouts focus her core muscles, develop her lower body and help shape her abs, making Miss Universe stronger.

4. Sense of balance

Symmetry and balance are important aspects of living well. Take Sen’s advice and start doing yoga poses to strengthen your core. She has experimented with different yoga positions that can help the glutes, pelvic floor muscles, inner thighs, quadriceps and back. In the video below, the actress can be seen performing a yoga pose that exemplifies Sush’s excellence. This Bollywood actress is a natural at taking any stance. This is just one illustration of her competence.

If you want to stay active and make a change in your life, get inspired by what this famous celebrity does to stay healthy and beautiful after 40.

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