Five new financial jobs of the future

Money and assets are evolving in an increasingly digital and virtual world, and financial affairs will also change to keep up. Here’s a look at some of the new roles those in the industry see emerging.

In-House Bank Hacker

Usually the bank guards keep the bad guys away. How about security guards hired to break in? Large financial institutions have long hired companies to hack into their systems and report vulnerabilities, a process called penetration testing, says Shawn Moyer, co-founder of one of those companies, security research firm Atredis Partners. A big change he’s seen in recent years is that financial institutions are hiring internal penetration testers to continuously test their systems. “People have realized that you can’t just do a test once a year. When you’re continuously writing code and constantly deploying new infrastructure, you need to have a continuous penetration testing process,” he says. Talent has always been hard to find, says Mr. Moyer, who has hired penetration testers for more than 20 years. Now these jobs are even more in demand. Do we need more hackers? “I don’t tend to use the word that much, but yes,” says Mr. Moyer.

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