For Black women entrepreneurs, self-care is not a luxury; It is a necessity

Making time for wellness in today’s busy culture is not easy. Especially when you’re running a multi-million dollar company with employees, product launches and an endless to-do list.

Although self-care can feel like a luxury, business women Beatrice DixonCEO, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of The Honey Pot, and Melissa Butler The executive director of Lip Bar says that it is necessary. At the 2022 ESSENCE Fest Beauty Carnival, the two bosses and friends sat down for a candid chat about reclaiming their health and the tools they use to restore it.

Read on for some of our favorite takeaways from the conversation below.

“When you have that CEO title behind your name, it comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s a requirement for you to take a step back and say, ‘When can’t I do my best?’ and be okay with that. So you can let the people around you know, ‘Hey, I might not be able to show up the way you want, but this is what I can do.” –Melissa

“I do a lot of work. When I’m actually at home, I get oxygen therapy, I go to a chiropractor, I have an esoteric therapist, I have a clinical therapist. I shut up. I’m not the best at journaling, but I know how to sit down and meditate. I use gong meditation because it’s easier to meditate with.” –Beatrice

“When I know I’m not at 100 percent, I take a break. I take that break and say, it’s okay to feel the way you feel and I acknowledge that. Then I keep a journal. I understood how that pain or trauma appeared in my body. I meditate, draw cards, stare at the moon, hug trees. I do all the things that make me feel whole.” -Melissa

“Sometimes I’m okay just being sad. Being a founder can be very lonely. Because it’s hard to give yourself and give to others. I am a leader in my business. I am a leader in my family, in my relationships and friendships. That’s a lot. And I think I only gave myself mercy. I can only do what I can.” – Beatrice

“Whenever I’m feeling down, I take stock of what I’ve eaten. Sugar gets me down. Sugar causes brain fog and makes it much harder for you to actually meditate. So when I really try to get over something, I’ll start working harder. I will try to eat as clean as possible because then I can focus on my truth and my purpose so I can show up as the best version of me.”- Melissa

“You can’t serve everyone, you just can’t.” –Beatrice

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