Hilltop Rise is attracting entrepreneurs to the neighborhood

The new corporation will develop and implement creative, community-based strategies to drive economic development.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Small and minority-owned businesses affected by the challenges of unaffordable commercial real estate may soon get help from Hilltop Rise, which launched Thursday.

Hilltop Rise is a nonprofit economic community development corporation that will drive vital economic development along the neighborhood’s commercial corridors.

“Our economic development focus here on the west side is that instead of crowding out challenges or repressing challenges, how do we engage and equip people to reach their full potential?” Hilltop Rise board member John Rush said.

Hilltop Rise aims to support existing local businesses while empowering community members and entrepreneurs while preserving mixed-income neighborhoods and maintaining affordable commercial space.

When asked about the biggest challenges Hilltop business owners face, Betty Jaynes, Hilltop Rise board president, said, “I believe it’s our perception because a lot of what’s in the news is bad and people don’t see how vibrant we are. are like a community, a business community, like our neighbors.”

The group is still looking for a full-time executive director who will work with The City, Franklin County, COTA, as well as other groups. For more information and updates, visit their Facebook page.

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