Your Marketing Coach founder Misty Kortes helps entrepreneurs start an online business from scratch

Make up your mind, leave your 9 to 5 job and start an online business.

Many people dream of quitting their job to start their own business. Being able to call in, have a flexible schedule and perform their talents online opened new doors. With no shortage of ideas for making an income doing what they love, entrepreneurs can find unique ways to impact the world while living the life of their dreams.

Misty Kortes is a marketer who knows firsthand what it means to make your mark online. As the founder of Your Marketing Coach, Misty’s mission is to show entrepreneurs that they too can leave their corporate jobs to make money and experience the freedom, flexibility and control that entrepreneurship offers,

Misty is paving the way for new and existing entrepreneurs to build through her training programs, best-selling courses and podcast, Shop Talk.

Misty knows what it takes to get you started on your way to building a successful business. She started her own marketing agency that has helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs using a $20 Staples coupon and Wix free 30-day trial promotion.

“Starting a business is not difficult. It’s work, but it’s not hard,” says Misty. In order to start a successful company, Misty shares her years of experience as an entrepreneur to guide business owners in the right direction.

While most people start by asking, “What do I want to offer or sell?” Misty says successful entrepreneurs should expand this mindset. Instead, the question should be, “What result can I promise to deliver to my client?” By starting with the end in mind, a vision will emerge for the type of solution they will offer and the business they will create.

Misty says it’s important to know your customers. Identifying the perfect customer goes beyond creating a target market. It enables entrepreneurs to understand the needs and wants of their customers. When they know the customer intimately, they can lead them to a solution.

After identifying who this customer is, Misty says it’s imperative to have a way to reach them. What is the best way to do this? Give them something of value for free in exchange for the prospect’s contact information.

Misty also points out that consumers make decisions based on cost when all things are equal. Instead of building a value-based brand, many new business owners will lower their prices rather than create value-based solutions. This tactic is a recipe for failure because it only commoditizes the business. A better strategy is to keep in mind the needs of the ideal customer and create irresistible offers that they cannot refuse.

Finally, Misty points out that there are hundreds of ways to promote a new business online – absolutely free. The key is that business owners should focus on no more than three strategies to get their message and offering in front of their ideal customer.

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